Black Gnat Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

Black Gnat Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

Black Gnat Wet Fly

The Black Gnat is a traditional wet fly I like to fish whenever the fish are not actively feeding on a hatch and bugs are in the air. It’s very effective when fished in The black gnat wet fly is a simple fly to tie. It is a forgiving fly that really does not need exact precisonthis manner – as a searching fly. Additionally, it is an easy fly to tie. It can easily tied right at stream side if necessary.

The best hooks for this fly are:

Mustad 3906 sizes 10 – 14

Fly Dressing:

Thread: black 6/0

Body: Black chenille

Hackle: Black cock or hen

Tail: Black cock hackle fibers

Wing: Grey Mallars wing quill


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