Expanded Hiking Check List

Expanded Hiking & Camping Check List Clothing Boots Socks Gaiters Lightweight long underwear Wool or synthetic sweater Trousers Underwear Shorts, T-shirt, and light, long sleeve shirt Effective insulation layers Rain/wind gear Watch cap, appropriate headwear Mittens or gloves Camp shoes or sneakers Bathing suit Personal Toothbrush Comb Bandana Small Towel Toilet paper Plastic towel Money […]

First Aid Kit

Whenever away from home (in your car) or in the woods, first aid kits are important and should be near-by. Obviously, a car kit can be more extensive with items such as road flares, etc. while a backpacking first aid kit may be made to be light to carry. I have carried as light a […]

Hiking Check List

Ten Essential Hiking Supplies These are the “items” you should have with you when hiking 1. Map 2. Compass (GPS is great – until it runs out of power. Learn to use a compass) 3. Flashlight (or headlamp) 4. Water (also you can bring water purification tablets or a filter – BUT BRING WATER!!) 5. […]