Black Ghost Streamer Fly – Fly Recipe


Black Ghost Streamer Fly – Fly Recipe

Black Ghost Streamer Fly

Although versions of the Black Ghost streamer fly were tied as early as 1919, the version used today was first introduced in 1927. A well known taxidermist,

The black ghost streamer fly is meant to be fished on sinking line within the water column

guide, and an accomplished artist and sculptor by the name of Herb Welsh created the black ghost fly pattern around 1927.

The black ghost streamer fly pattern is a must for any person’s tackle box. Fished in lakes, streams or rivers this pattern takes fish. Fished at mid-level in head water or tail water should elicit a strike. Whenever I come across panfish like the pumpkinseed, I like to fish them with flies. The black ghost streamer fly is a great fly to use. Fished below the surface right near schooling fish leads to strikes.

The best hooks for this fly are:

Mustad # 9575, 3665A or # 94720
Sizes: 4-6-8-10-12 or Tandem Troller 2 & 4

Fly Recipe:

Thread: 3/0 or 6/0 black

Tail: Yellow Hackle Fibers

Body: Black Floss – tappered at both ends and full in the middle

Ribbing: Flat Silver Tinsel

Throat: Sparsely tied yellow hackle fibers

Wing: White saddle hackle or marabou

Cheeks: Jungle cock

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