Black Nose Dace bucktail – Fly Recipe

Black Nose Dace bucktail – Fly Recipe

Black Nose Dace bucktailBlack nose dace bucktail fly is an imitator of fish

In 1947, Art Flick’s Streamside Guide listed only one bucktail, the Black-Nose Dace. The Black Nose Dace bucktail copies many species of small baitfish, such as chubs and dace, that have dark lateral lines.

This is a fun fly to fish streamside. Cast out into pockets or rapid tails and strip line as necessary. The Black Nose Dace is also fun to use when site fishing in clear waters when you can watch a trout rise and chase. I enjoy using this fly but frankly for whatever reason the black nose dace is one of the harder flies I tie. For every black nose dace that ties right, one come out ugly.

The best hooks for this fly are:

Mustad # 3665A or # 38941
Sizes: 4-6-8-10-12

Fly Recipe:

Thread: Black 6/0

Tail: Short stubby red wool or yarn

Body: Flat silver tinsel

Wing – in three layers:
Bottom layer: sparse white bucktail
Middle layer: black dyed squirrel
Top Layer: Brown bucktail


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