Bean Gardening Information

Beans Both string/wax beans like cucumbers, always have a “reserved section” in the vegetable garden. They are relatively easy to grow, if handled right are big producers and beans are able to be eaten fresh, added to recipes, cooked as stand-alone main or side dishes. They can be blanched and frozen and they even store […]

Cucumber Gardening Information

Cucumber: Cucumbers have always been a staple in my gardens. They are relatively easy to grow, if handled right are big producers and cucumbers are able to be eaten fresh, added to recipes and they store well as pickles. This year I planted 10 feet of cucumbers. I chose 1 type to plant. It was […]

Eggplant Growing and Gardening

Eggplant Gardening The Garden: I planted what has come to be a great eggplant, Burpee Black Beauty organic eggplant. In all my years of gardening I have yet to grow an eggplant that was so sweet. Older fruits were not at all tough or stringy. I absolutely will grow these again and anyone who asks […]

Bell Pepper Plants for 2014

Bell Pepper This year I plan on planting 9 bell pepper plants in 36 square feet in garden bed one. The plot is roughly 6′ x 6′. The plants will be planted 24″ apart in a square plot. I am planting a heirloom bell pepper. The seeds were bought from the Thomas Jefferson Center and […]

Tomato Varieties for The Garden

burpee roma organic will be planted for eating and canning

Tomato Varieties to be planted this year: Tomato varieties are the mainstay of many home gardens. When grown correctly fresh garden tomatoes are fantastic. They can be eaten straight from the garden, cooked into sauces, stews, soups – just pick what you like and tomatoes can probably be added. Tomatoes can be easily canned using […]

Vegetable Garden Bed 1

Vegetable Garden bed # 1 is 8′ wide x 16′ long. Orientation is set for the tomatoes to be on the north side and the eggplants on the east. This bed should receive about 8 hours of sunlight in the summer, not great but it has proven sufficient. Last year this bed had bell peppers, […]