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Chester Rod and Gun Club

Chester Rod and Gun Club

Per their website: “The Chester Rod and Gun Club, located in picturesque Chester, New Hampshire, was established in 1932 to provide a family friendly environment to promote a variety of archery and shooting activities. For our growing membership, we offer shooting matches, family oriented competitions, and training opportunities.”

“The CRGC exists to:

Promote conservation of natural resources and wildlife.

Educate people about the responsible, safe and sportsmanlike use of firearms, archery equipment and related equipment.

Provide safe range areas to practice the use of firearms, archery equipment and related equipment.

Promote the interests of youth in the safe and sportsman like use of firearms, archery equipment and related equipment.

Support and follow the rules of the CRGC, the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, the laws of the town of Chester, the State of New Hampshire, and the United States of America.”


Outdoor Ranges

25 to 150 yard Rifle Range (16 lanes of covered benches)

20 to 50 yard Pistol Range (18 lanes, covered)

Five Stand Range

9 Station Sporting Clays Course (Wooded)

Bowling Pin Range (6 stations)

Eight multi-use Utility Bay Shooting Ranges

Centerfire Pistol Steel Plate Rack Range

.22 LR Pistol Steel Plate Rack Range

Centerfire Pistol Dueling tree

.22 LR Pistol Dueling tree

Sporting Clays is open during the summer months (April/May – October). Extending Sporting Clays into the winter is under consideration.

Five Stand Five-Stand is currently being considered for the winter months (November – March/April)

In addition there are Practice Traps, with a voice-activated controller, available to certified club members and their guest(s).

Indoor Pistol Range

25 to 50 foot Pistol Range (targets can be no closer than 25 feet).
Handguns up to .45 caliber which are less than 16″ of barrel length are allowed.

Pistol Caliber Carbines are allowed to be fired in 9mm, 40 S&W, .357, and 45ACP.

Note that 5.7 x 28mm, tracer rounds, armor piercing rounds, and shot shells are NOT allowed at any time!

Use of Center fire rifles that use center fire rifle cartridges or shotguns are not allowed at any time.

.22 short or .22 LR Rimfire Rifles are allowed (but not to include .22 Magnum nor .17 HMR rifles).

Pellet and B.B. rilfes and handguns are allowed.

Drawing a loaded firearm from a holster is not allowed on this range.

Chester Rod and Gun Club offers archery enthusiasts varied shooting opportunities for novice and veteran shooters including Indoor Archery, Archery Improvement Leagues, Outdoor Archery, and 3D Outdoor Archery.



Chester Rod and Gun Club
99 Rod and Gun Club Road
Chester, NH 03036

Mailing Address
Chester Rod and Gun Club
99 Rod and Gun Club Road
Chester, NH 03036

Phones: (603) 887-4629

Website: https://chesterrodandgunclub.com/

Membership Info: https://chesterrodandgunclub.com/join-the-club/

If there are other rifle ranges that have not been included please email us at: TC Email

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Gun ownership is the second amendment to the US Constitution. The fact it is number two identifies just how important it was considered – free speech being number one. If you are a hunter, sport shooter, or outdoors lover, you need participate in the sport and stand up and be counted. Gun clubs and shooting ranges are important places to start. Many are involved in advocacy and make their voices heard in gun ownership and the sport in general. Go to enjoy your rights and participate in the shooting sports and join a club. By doing so, you will become a better shooter, hunter and gun owner