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American March Brown Dry Fly – Fly Recipe

American March Brown Dry Fly – Fly RecipeAmerican March Brown is supposed to imitate a hatch insect

American March Brown Dry Fly

The American March Brown was developed as an imitation of an early mottled wing mayfly. Preston Jennings originated this pattern, with Art Flick. This is one of the many offshoots of adams dry flies and light cahills.

The American March Brown is an early emerger with a hatch cycle that runs from mid-May until mid-July.

The best hooks for this fly are:

Mustad # 94840, # 94845 or # 94833
Sizes: 12-14-16-18

Fly Recipe:

Thread: Orange 6/0

Tail: Reddish brown hackle barbs

Body: Tan red fox belly fur – or imitation fur

Wing: Barred wood duck flank

Hackle: Brown and grizzle mixed

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