Marcel’s Squirrel Stew


2 squirrels cut into sections
1/4 lb. of apple-wood smoked bacon
3/4 lb. pork loin cut up into stew sized cubes
1/2 cup of flour
1/4 cup of browned flour
1 bay leaf
4 red potatoes diced
3 large carrots chunked (so it will not disintegrate during cook time)
4 cups stewed tomatoes
1 large sweet onion sliced a little on the thick side
1 large yellow pepper chopped
1 tablespoon of Paprika
1 Knoor’s vegetable bouillon cube
2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper flakes
Salt and pepper


Large Pot with cover


Dice the apple-wood bacon and fry in the pot on medium heat. Once the bacon is cooked to taste, I like it just before it becomes hard, remove the bacon and put to the side. Mix the flour, paprika, a dash of salt and pepper together. Dredge the squirrel and pork loin pieces in the mixture and place in the bacon fat. Cook until all sides are browned.

Once the meat is browned, add enough water to cover the meat. Add the bay leaf, vegetable bouillon cube and crushed red pepper. Cover and cook on a low heat for 2 – 3 hours or until the meats are tender. Add the diced carrots and cook for 20 minutes then add potatoes, stewed tomatoes, yellow pepper and onion. Cook until tender. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add back the bacon.

Take the browned flour and mix with cold water to make a paste you will thicken the stew with. Add the paste to the stew a little at a time. Thicken to taste.

Serve with a crusty bread and butter. A cold pale ale goes well with this dish.