Grizzly King Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

grizzly king wet wet fly is a good mid-water imitatorGrizzly King Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

Grizzly King Wet Fly

The Grizzly king wet fly is an old pattern and has been been very popular for brook trout in New England and Canada. The grizzly king wet fly is a fine fly to use with a sinking line in the clear fast streams trout inhabit.

The best hooks for this fly are:

Mustad 3906 sizes 10 – 14
Sizes 8-16

Fly Recipe:

Thread: black size 6/0

Tail: Red swan, duck or goose or any crimson red hackle barbs

Body: Green embroidery floss or green dubbing.

Ribs: Fine flat silver tinsel or with a Black tinsel.

Hackle: Mallard duck body feather (long fibers).

Wings: Mallard flank feathers

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