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Fire Starters

Fire Starters

Fire Starters are handy to have when out and about in the woods, when bushwhacking and to have available for your bug-out bag. Many times campers and “preppers” have redundant sources to begin a fire, matches, flint and steel, magnesium sticks, etc. but they do not always have access to good dry material such as dry tinder. Hence, the reason for this post – Fire Starters, are a source of dry flammable material that once lit should burn for at least five minutes and help ignite longer burning materials. These are easily lit by most methods – like those listed above. Best of all, they are compact!!

Fire starters can be the answer and they are easily made at home and for free from materials everyone has. Here is how you make your very own fire starter:

  1. Take material from your laundry dryer, small bits of cotton/fiber string, shredded cloth and place into the egg holder compartments in a paper egg carton.
  2.  Take a lit candle and pour a thin layer of melted wax over the lint & cloth.
  3. Once dry, break carton sections off and pack in zip lock bags.

When you need them just take one out. Fluff up some lint and light on fire. Whether you use matches or flint and steel, the lint should easily catch fire. The wax will help keep the fire going.

Once lit just place under whatever the long term fire material will be. In five minutes you should have a cheery warm fire.

Gear Bags

Gear Bags Made from Frozen Turkey Netwhat not bag net bag for freeting

The netting from that frozen turkey you just bought makes for great gear bags. Instead of cutting the netting off, carefully remove one of the lead rings and slip the netting off. Make sure to clean it.

The netting can be used as a game bag for squirrels and grouse as well as trout in the back country. Use it for carrying or storing wet gear or cooking pots. The netting compresses down to nothing and to make it great the netting is free. For the creative people it is easy to add handles!! The ideas are endless.


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