Carey Special Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

Carey Special Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

Carey Special Wet FlyCarey special wet fly

It is my understanding that this fly pattern developed in the Canadian west. The variations are are up to you. The body color can change according to what you think will work. The pattern here is red chenille but olive, black, orange, etc can be substituted. You can also use floss or fur – it is up to you.

I have used the Carey Special in red to clean up on a school of perch and have read that in orange on a larger fly works on salmon and steelhead.

The best hooks for this fly are:

3x long nymph or streamer
Sizes: 12 – 8

Fly Recipe:

Thread: Black 6/0.

Tail: Pheasant flank feather fibers

Rib: Copper wire or similar

Body: red chenille

Hackle: Pheasant flank feather, tied back.

You can add weighted if you want to fish deep.

If you like to tie flies look at our other pages of wet flies, dry flies, nymph flies and streamers for fly tying. These pages offer pictures of fly patterns and provide information regarding fly tying material and the fly recipe for tying on a fly with fly tying know how. These are great flies for fishing and should become part of your fly gear and added to your fly boxes.