Ausable Wulff Dry Fly – Fly Recipe

Ausable Wulff Dry Fly – Fly Recipe

The Ausable Wulff was created by Fran Betters of Wilmington, N.Y. Ausable Wulff Dry Fly

The Ausable Wulff Dry Fly was developed by Fran Betters on the banks of the Ausable River in the Adirondacks. The Ausable wulff hair wing fly rides high and dry in rough water and is also excellent for aggressive small stream brook trout. I enjoy fishing the Ausable Wulff in the early summer on the trout streams near my house.

Thread: Hot orange 6/0

Tail: Woodchuck tail fibers or moose body hair

Body: Bleached Australian opossum or other tan fur.

Wing: White calf tail – upright and divided


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