Adams Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

Adams Wet Fly – Fly Tying Fly Recipe

Adams Wet Flyadams wet fly is a good wet fly for fly fishing a a great addition to your tackle box for regular fishing

The Adams wet fly will help increase your hook-ups on a given day of wet fly angling. It is a good all-round generic looks-like-a-bug wet fly.I find this a pretty easy fly pattern to tie. The adams wet fly is also a decent fly to fish. When doing regular fishing, I like to use it as a “follower” behind plugs or rapala lures.

The best hooks for this fly are:

Mustad # 3906 or # 94840
Sizes: 10 – 20

Fly Tying Recipe:

Thread: Black 6/0. Gray thread also works.

Tip: Gold tinsel, optional

Tail: Brown and grizzly hen fibers, mixed

Ribbing: None, though optionally, you could use fine gold wire.

Body: Dark gray muskrat or rabbit fur dubbed

Hackle: Brown and grizzly hen – one turn of each

Wing: Grizzly hackle tips, paired facing in, back-to-back as shown

If you like to tie flies like the adams wet fly look at our other pages of wet flies, dry flies, nymph flies and streamers for fly tying. These pages offer pictures of fly patterns and provide information regarding fly tying material and the fly recipe for tying on a fly with fly tying know how. These are great flies for fishing and should become part of your fly gear and added to your fly boxes.


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