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Icky Ticks

Bees get death-by-pesticide funeral in Paris

Lawsuit Against EPA Seeks Protection From Dangerous Pesticide Malathion)

Indiana county working on invasive plants ordinance

Weedkiller found in granola, crackers, and much more internal FDA emails show

Conquer Blossom End Rot

Quail: A Homestead Resource

Constructing Your Own Folding Goat-Milking Stand

Top bottled water brands contaminated with plastic particles

How to Make Hardtack (The Bread that Lasts Forever)







Coyote attacks teenager in Massachusetts

Fishing Fresno man shocked by mountain lion who swam near his boat

Everglades National Park wants you to kill its Burmese pythons

Japanese whaling programme slaughtered 122 pregnant minke whales

Scientists Take A Ride On The Pacific’s ‘Shark Highway’

Annual Bigfoot hunt garners big attention in small Pennsylvania town

2nd Amendment

Gay Americans are arming themselves to stay alive

CA Lawmakers Seek to Expand Gun Confiscation, Limit Number of Firearms Residents Can Buy

Unpublished CDC Study Confirms over 2 Million Annual Defensive Gun Uses


Survival Guide

Window of Opportunity: The Modular Pistol Revolution

Springfield Armory Severs Ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods

Army Ranger Who Survived Benghazi Shreds David Hogg Over Gun Control Tweet

Mussels test positive for opioids in Seattle’s Puget Sound

“I AM THE MAJORITY!” Full Gun Rights Speech

WAR, FAMINE, & DISEASE: Get Prepared!

Federal Judge Exerts Personal Judicial Tyranny in MA Semi-auto Ban Lawsuit Dismissal


Raccoon scales Minnesota office building

12-foot great white shark Hilton spotted off Georgia coast, and he’s not alone

A White Shark Cafe sits 1,200 miles offshore. Here’s why scientists spent a month there

Record number of killer whales sighted on Monterey Bay

Large predators are showing up in surprising places

Reintroduce the North Cascades grizzly bear

Wild red wolf population could soon be wiped out

Wyoming counts at least 347 wolves in the state


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