Vegetable Garden Bed 1

Vegetable Garden bed # 1 is 8′ wide x 16′ long. Orientation is set for the tomatoes to be on the north side and the eggplants on the east. This bed should receive about 8 hours of sunlight in the summer, not great but it has proven sufficient. Last year this bed had bell peppers, yellow summer squash, cucumbers and pole beans. All did well and produced well.

Eggplants – 9 Plants

Lettuce – 2 rows of 3 plants each

Sweet Bell Peppers – 9 Plants

Tomatoes 8 Plants


The eggplants and peppers are in roughly 36 square feet of space each, the tomatoes run the length of the bed with about 2 1/2 feet of space into the bed.  The lettuce was allotted 24 square feet

This bed should produce for the summer until frost kills off the eggplants, tomatoes and peppers. I would be happy to get two or three crops of lettuce before the frost comes.vegetable garden bed 1 was the first vegetable be I made in 2011

The first year, when I made the bed, I added 9 cubic feet of peat moss, 10 cubic feet of topsoil and around each of the plants I added approximately 6 quarts of organic compost. Each summer I layer grass clippings to retain moisture and add nutrients. For the last 4 years I have laid roughly 3″ of leaves in the fall and turned over in the spring. Right now the soil is a nice dark brown and is crumbly

For 2015 an additional 6 cubic feet of peat moss was be added. Each plant was supplied with one gallon of organic compost at planting. For the lettuce, organic compost was raked into the rows.

Tomatoes – there are 2 different varieties of tomatoes. Click here for the listing

Bell Peppers – I will plant only 1 variety of bell pepper this year. Click here for the listing

Eggplant – 1 variety. Click here for he listing


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