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2014 Vegetable Garden

Strawberry are great fruits to grow in the vegetable garden. Ordinary strawberry fruit ripen in June in the Northeast USVegetable Garden

So this is the gardening section of the blog. Gardens and garden work for me are “Zen”. Vegetable gardens are the ultimate in Zen. If planned correctly and managed, vegetable gardens provide food and satisfaction. If managed well, vegetable gardens save money and provide quality food that can be “chemical” free and GMO free. For me that is very important. I started my vegetable garden for several reasons:

First – I am cheap. Food prices and quality have become a joke. I can go to any store and find plenty of fresh food. Problem – Look at the prices – ridiculous;

 Second – what is the quality of the food being sold – are there pesticide residues? What about GMO? Has the food been genetically engineered? If you don’t know much about some of the concerns people are raising about GMO just surf the web there are plenty of articles. You can also watch documentaries. Vermont passed a law requiring GMO foods to be labeled as such in grocery stores;

Third – a well-planned and managed vegetable garden can and will provide food long after the fall frosts have come and shut down the garden season. I like that because I hate spending money and just think, as the “preppers” out there say…well you know ;

Fourth – there is a lot to be said for “thinking globally and acting locally”. No better efficiency in field-to-table than backyard-to-table. Think of the saved fossil fuels & labor; and finally

Fifth – Gardening is a science experiment. For the last three years I have changed up tactics, tried new varieties. I like to grow cabbage. I have tried various ways to control cabbage moths – picking off the eggs works best and there is no need for pesticides. Last year I tried new tomatoes (heirloom), it was an unmitigated disaster. Blight took all of them. This year I will try something different. The ultimate goal of my garden is to grow enough vegetables for a summer and fall of good eating and then enough for the entire winter. Pretty lofty goal!!

With all that said, my garden for 2014 will consist of three beds that are 8’ x 16’ and a section along the back yard fence that is allocated for 12′ x 4′ of potatoes, 8’ of garlic and 8’ of shallots.

Bed # 1 will be filled with a “crop” that should be planted late May and stay viable until Frost.