Remington Cutting Jobs In New York

Remington Cutting Jobs In New York


New York safe act Response?

It really didn’t take all that long for the inevitable to happen. The New York governor, the New York State Senate and Legislature passed draconian gun laws in the dark of night – literally in the dark of night in early 2013. Cuomo’s desire to make a splash with liberals and do New York City’s bidding passed anti-gun laws that are so offensive that gun manufacturers have been leaving the state, the latest being Remington (in my humble opinion).

Remington has stated it is reducing its work force in New York. Company spokesman Teddy Novin said Remington is cutting 105 jobs from its workforce in Ilion, N.Y. He said that some, but not all, of those jobs are moving to Alabama – a state they have just opened a plant in February of this year. Novin cited a consolidation of its production facilities and a softening market for the move – a nice politically correct statement. The shame of it is that prior to the work force reduction, Remington employed between 1,200 and 1,300 workers in Ilion, a city that really needs the jobs. Just to demonstrate the seriousness of jobs actually moving from Illion, Remington has operated the New York factory for nearly 200 years.

Although Remington wouldn’t say whether the Cuomo “safe-act” state laws affected its decision one can only speculate.

Among the weapons made by Remington is the Bushmaster, a semiautomatic rifle that accepts 5- round magazines as well as 30-round magazines along with some fantastic rifles such as the renowned model 700 series. The safe act laws basically bans the bushmaster rifle in New York unless really superficial modifications are made to make it look less like an AR.

Hopefully New York City liberals are happy. I wonder if they are at all concerned that over 100 people in a beautiful upstate city will no longer have a job – a job that more than likely was for skilled people. In a state so large and so diverse, it amazes me that basically the “upstate” region of New York is governed by liberals out of New York City. There are many “upstaters” that oppose the Cuomo gun grab law, maybe the majority of people up here but yet we are continually over-ruled by a city over 100 miles away. For the remainder of the US – let this be a lesson.