Grizzly Wulff Dry Fly – Fly Recipe

grizzly wulff dry fly

Grizzly Wulff Dry Fly The grizzly wulff is high floating, durable and easy to fish. It is a relatively easy fly to tie. When I lived out west it was one of the most common flies in my fly box. Many cutthroat trout ended up in the frying pan when I fly fished this fly. […]

Grizzly King Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

grizzly king wet wet fly is a good mid-water imitator

Grizzly King Wet Fly – Fly Recipe Grizzly King Wet Fly The Grizzly king wet fly is an old pattern and has been been very popular for brook trout in New England and Canada. The grizzly king wet fly is a fine fly to use with a sinking line in the clear fast streams trout […]