Black Nose Dace bucktail – Fly Recipe

Black nose dace bucktail fly is an imitator of fish

Black Nose Dace bucktail – Fly Recipe Black Nose Dace bucktail In 1947, Art Flick’s Streamside Guide listed only one bucktail, the Black-Nose Dace. The Black Nose Dace bucktail copies many species of small baitfish, such as chubs and dace, that have dark lateral lines. This is a fun fly to fish streamside. Cast out […]

Adams Wet Fly – Fly Recipe

adams wet fly is a good wet fly for fly fishing a a great addition to your tackle box for regular fishing

Adams Wet Fly – Fly Tying Fly Recipe Adams Wet Fly The Adams wet fly will help increase your hook-ups on a given day of wet fly angling. It is a good all-round generic looks-like-a-bug wet fly.I find this a pretty easy fly pattern to tie. The adams wet fly is also a decent fly […]

Adams Dry Fly – Fly Recipe

The Adams is probably the most popular dry fly of all time.

Adams Dry Fly – Fly Recipe Adams Dry Fly   The Adams dry fly is one of the most popular flies in the world. The adams dry fly was first tied for Mayfield Pond in Michigan. One summer day in 1922, Charles F. Adams, was fishing the pond when he saw an insect that interested […]