Flawed Gun Law in Oregon Passes

Oregon: House Votes to Pass Deeply Flawed Background Check Bill

Monday May 4, 2015, the Oregon House of Representatives voted against your Second Amendment rights by passing Senate Bill 941 with a 32-28 vote.  SB 941 seeks to expand background checks to private transfers.  During today’s lengthy floor debate, even supporters of the bill recognized the many flaws and shortcomings of this gun law. Despite the concessions, the bill still passed by a narrow margin, subjecting Oregonians to faulty legislation with only inferences of future fixes to come.  The legislators who cast their vote on this gun law in favor did so despite overwhelming opposition from constituents, law enforcement, county commissioners and licensed firearms dealers.  SB 941 now makes a final stop with the Governor’s office where it awaits her signature.  It is critical that Governor Brown hear from you!

Please call Governor Brown TODAY at (503) 378-4582 and urge her to VETO Senate Bill 941.

As previously reported about this gun law, SB 941 would require individuals to appear before a gun dealer to request a criminal background check prior to privately transferring a firearm, absent limited exceptions.  Transfers include, but are not limited to, sales, gifts, loans and leases.  Failure to comply with this mandate could result in stiff penalties and possible loss of an individual’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

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