House Sparrow – Passer domesticus Information and Description

General: The House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) is one of the most common bird species in North America, although it is a non-native species. These sociable and tame birds can be spotted in backyards hopping along the ground pecking at seed as well as on city streets feeding on crumbs. This species has a long running […]

Steller’s Jay – Cyanocitta stelleri

General: Steller’s Jays (Cyanocitta stelleri) are bold, social and extremely vocal birds that can be found in the mountainous areas of the North American west. They may best be known for their dark blue coloration and lack of white undersides. Be cautious of these vividly colored and inquisitive birds when picnicking, as they have been […]

Pyrrhuloxia – Cardinalis sinuatus

Common Raven – Corvus corax


Cactus Wren – Campylorhynchus Brunneicapillus


White-crowned Sparrow – Zonotrichia leucophrys

General: I set a feeder up in front of a window in a garden close to the house and was surprised to see a flock of White-crowned Sparrows scurrying through the brushy borders. After research I found that their presence would be short lived since they were migrating north into Canada. After doing research I […]