Gun Protects Eldery Dallas Man

An armed elderly man in Dallas shot and killed a suspected burglar after finding him trying to break into his Dallas home this week. However, he was also forced to defend his actions after the would-be robber’s family showed up at his home. The homeowner, a victim of repeat burglaries, found Deyfon Pipkins attempting to climb in the house through the window and fired at least one shot killing Pipkins.

Dallas police stated that the homeowner is covered by the so-called “Castle Doctrine,” which provides legal protection to gun owners in Texas and other states who are forced to use deadly force against a home intruder. It means they don’t actually have to retreat once someone comes in their home.

Once police officers notified Pipkin’s family, some of his family members showed up at the victim’s house and expressed their anger at the homeowner for not issuing a “warning.” What blows my mind is that the criminal had an extensive criminal record and had served time in prison. He was previously convicted of theft, possession of a controlled substance and criminal trespassing. How about his family should have warned the criminal to stop his ways and straighten out.

What would have happened if this elderly person was not armed? Would there be another victim here? Where were the police when the crime happened – not dissing the police here just stating the fact that this was ‘in the instant” and had the homeowner not acted something terrible may have happened to the wrong person. The fact that the homeowner was armed may very well have saved his life.

Police have not charged the homeowner with any crime, but Dallas police will now refer the case to the Grand Jury to determine whether he followed the law when he killed the home intruder.

Get involved and show your support – it’s our future – it is our safety – it is our right to self determination that is at stake here

New England fishermen protest federal regulations in letter to Congress

Once again the federal bureaucracy is at it. New England fishermen are facing an uncertain future and the American public can look forward to higher prices for seafood and a limited supply of American fish. Fishermen from Maine to Connecticut are looking at steep cuts and narrowed quotas for ocean fish. A letter signed by 173 came as the industry prepares for May 1 catch reductions that could finish off the fleet.

A 77% reduction in the catch limit for cod in the Gulf of Maine and a 61% decrease in the cod limit in Georges Bank, off southeastern New England, are the most significant in an array of 2013 catch reductions.

The letter from the fishermen described the situation as “simply unbelievable” following promises by regulators of healthier fish stocks and economic stability if previous regulations were enacted. They go on to state, “There is no stability…There are only repeated, record reductions in catch limits. Prosperity is a discarded dream. This is a real disaster.” The letter blamed “the failure of government policies and programs” to accept that current science is inadequate to effectively manage the fishery. It said the fleet has fished within government-set catch limits on every species for nearly a decade.

In a statement, the Northeast’s top federal regulator, John Bullard of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, defended the science, noting the catch of cod in the Gulf of Maine is way down this year, and the science says cod there are scarce. Bullard said regulators have worked hard to help fishermen, citing examples including last week’s decision to allow them to increase next year’s catch by carrying over a percentage of what they don’t catch this year. For many this promise will ring hollow as they will lose their livelihoods – maybe this is the government’s plan.

Frankly, based on how accurate government scientists are (and just how much they are beholden to their overseers) I would not be surprised if the fish stocks are fine and the regulators just have thumbs up their asses.

To have fun trying to understand political gobblygook read the following: Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating, who received the letter, said it “resonates with the desperation of our fishing industry” as it faces the cuts. “It is our responsibility as legislators to mitigate this impact as best we can and ensure that Massachusetts’ historic industry survives”.

My question is: What the fuck did he say? Whose side is he on? What the fuck is he going to do? My guess is he will go to another fund raiser, eat some fillet mignon with John Bullard and forget-about-it

A must read by all people – Read the NRA’s letter to Congress regarding universal background checks

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