Chinese Terrorist Attack and Gun Control

Chinese Terrorist Attack and Gun Control Gun Control Knife-wielding men attacked people at the Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province in southwestern China Saturday, March 1st. Chinese authorities called it a terrorist attack.  Police were able to respond and kill four of the terrorists. However, all-in-all 28 people died and 113 were injured according to […]

New Jersey Gun Law News

Handgun ownership deserves second amendment protection under New Jersey gun law. It is a right

Second Amendment Brief Filed Concerning Current New Jersey Gun Law Evan Nappen, a criminal defense attorney who has focused on New Jersey firearms and weapons law for over 23 years has filed a brief with the New Jersey Supreme Court concerning a current New Jersey gun law. If heard it will be the first time […]

New York SAFE Act Turns One Year Old This Week

New York SAFE Act Turns One Year Old This Week This week marks the one-year anniversary of New York’s gun grab known as the New York SAFE Act. A year ago this week, Governor Andrew Cuomo in an attempt to gain a national name for himself, and anti-gun lawmakers in the middle of the night […]

New California Gun Law for 2014

California has a new gun law coming in 2014 that will require registration of long guns (rifles & shotguns) and it has gun owners involved in rush purchases before January 1, 2014. Previously when someone would purchase a long gun, dealers would destroy personal information on long gun owners after a background check had been […]

Gun Protects Family in Home Invasion

Gun Protects Family in Home Invasion the only way this family could have protected itself was with a gun

Gun Control and Chuck Schumer

I recently sent emails to my federal representatives concerning all the talk about gun control and gun violence. What I received back from Charles Schumer was interesting. I have attached the following: 1. My email to Charles Schumer. 2. Mr. Schumer’s response back 3. A copy of legislation Mr. Schumer proposed that was “tabled” Mr. […]